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Live Happy : Summertime Stargazing

Jul 11, 2014

Summer is the perfect time to take a mini vacation away from the city. For those living in the city, the night sky may look like a black canvas with a couple of stars shinning through the atmosphere.

Stargazing is a popular activity in areas where the night sky lights up with all the stars in the galaxy.  This can be a very enjoyable or an uncomfortable event to participate in.

Here are 3 quick tips to help make the discovery of the night sky a more enjoyable one.

  1. Check the weather.  Although it is summer time, there can be cloud cover – so make sure the night is clear.
  2. Confirm the rising and setting times of the moon. The moon’s light comes from the Sun, this can hinder your chance to see certain stars and obscure you from having a good stargazing experience.
  3. Finally, bring a star map, telescope, or binoculars. This can help you decipher all the stars you are looking at. A good star map shows you all the major constellations and the location in the sky for each month. Once you see your constellation a telescope or binoculars can amplify your view.

Comment below and let us know what is your favorite activity during summertime. How do you #LiveHappy?

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