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AB 60 and Undocumented Citizen’s Driver Licenses

Jan 15, 2015


Some big changes happened in California January 1, 2015. One of the biggest was the implementation of legislation allowing for undocumented citizens to receive a driver’s license known as Assembly Bill 60, or AB 60 for short.

What is AB 60?

Assembly Bill 60 allows the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to issue licenses to drivers who have previously been denied due to their inability to provide proof of legal residence; as long as AB 60 applicants meet all other qualifying criteria, they will be allowed to test  for ,and receive, a California Driver License.

How does one apply for an AB 60 license?

The procedure to attain a AB 60 license  is much the same as with a standard licence.

All applicants must provide several valid forms of identification and California residency, and make an appointment with the DMV. At the DMV, AB 60 applicants must complete a license application, pass a driving knowledge test and vision test, get thumb printed and have their picture taken. Applicants may be required to make a second appointment for their behind-the-wheel-test before they are issued their driver license.

How many people have received a license due to AB 60 so far?

January 2 was the first day the DMV opened its doors in 2015, since then approximately 113,200 applications have been submitted and 11,070 AB 60 licenses have been issued.

Want more info on AB 60 licenses? CA DMV has more information.

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